Loft space is often an overlooked part of the home that is a perfect way to create more living space. 

Loft Convertion

Galaxy Extend has created great options for loft conversions, using skilful, creative designs to optimise the loft space potential.  Loft spaces are often unique, with a contemporary atmosphere to them.  Our designers are expert at utilising the space without compromising the integrity of the surrounding building.  Loft space conversions can be tricky, with considerable technical challenges and safety considerations.  Our high standards for both construction and customer care answer the challenges loft alterations demand.  We have the experience and the expertise to avoid pitfalls and construct the specific space you envision for your loft. 


15 years specialising in high-end loft conversions

Galaxy Extend specialises in high-end renovations and has a foreman at each project site at all times.  We believe that the care and safety of all involved in a project is our top priority.  We know what to expect when it comes to renovating spaces in your home.  Loft conversions are a fantastic way to increase the value, appeal and living potential within your home.

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